The somber green paper up, and sighed and began to enter text in the dialog box, as far separated, I could not see the word green benta what green text input, press any key to the next computer and then another one appeared dialog, which also has text, trekking to appear with. Note that the text looked very young, from time to time into the text communicate with each chamilia uk I bit her lip. "Green Man in the end is in and who does the dialogue, and who talk to it. " Minutes after the green paper off the computer, stood up, I hurried secretly slipped back into the bedroom. I entered the bedroom, the bedroom door came the sound of small footsteps, I flew a dive on the bed, pretending to have slept in the past. The door was pushed open the bedroom, cheap pandora charms looked slightly to squint, I saw looked green paper probe, exposed wire smiling mouth, shut the door again. Green Man's footsteps behind us, only to hear a click sound, the living room door was open, and footsteps blue text to go to the corridor. So late, blue text to go where. I immediately came up the corridor, find the text on the blue she can not see the shadow. I spit tongue, I definitely do not slow up the speed, also a few seconds, and that the length of the corridor is about one hundred meters, that is actually green paper of the time in seconds, has completed some 100 meters, my head to shed sweat on, too exaggerated, how she do. With great curiosity, pandora charms sale secretly came to girls floor below, following quietly, no point exception, but the original floor, lock the door tight girls were pushed of the gap. I know this is a masterpiece of green paper, came to see, the pandora charms uk lock really was destroyed, is placed side. I also drilled out sideways, inside the campus is quiet, moonlit campus, film and peaceful, fascinating. I read the next week, did not see the Green Man's shadow, I was going and then goes out and saw the distant male dormitory above, go down the group of people, it is routine rounds of the security section of the people. I shrink back, and hurried back to the girls carefully House, the girls floor, the door shut, it looks like you were kind of tight, look no flaws, then I went back to his dormitory.


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